Why consult an astrologer?

Some reasons to consult an astrologer :
People often think that consulting an astrologer is like having a psychic reading or watching your luck , but it really is quite different .
The most simplistic description is that astrology is a symbolic language of life . The astrological signs are great tools that describe the major themes and principles in your life. However , the details of the potential flow of those themes and principles are too numerous to elucidate , and they operate at multiple levels - all within the area of ​​free will.
Let's explore these theories during the session , based on their current interests or concerns . This is a very interactive process and the person is encouraged to ask questions. And explore the possibilities that are revealed through the symbolic language of ancient art and science of astrology is the goal .
The zodiac signs have preserved the Cosmic Law since the beginning of time , are symbols of great forces . The physical planets are only the outward forms through which these energies manifest . Not because he was born in a particular place and in a time period that will react to planetary influences , but at that point correspondences in time and in that place in space that show the potential that may (or may not) be realized in the future.
Consider the chart as a road map or a GPS . This shows the conditions in which you are walking to find the road of your life . Some of the roads on your travel will be smooth and easy , if built well in the past ( lives ) and that his personality probably does not remember . Some of the roads are in poor condition and will need a repair . If the fix and put in good condition , your vehicle will not break down and will not appear difficulties or delays . Astrology provides signs to help prevent fraud and keep it in the course of your way .
Destination is booked trends , rather than facts . All I can see in a birthchart are tendencies that will become facts if you do not do something to change them .
The chart is a model of your character. Character is destiny . Change your character ( beliefs , habits , behaviors ) is to change your character - and maybe your destiny!