Article 1

Denomination, headquarters and duration

1 - The Association, nonprofit, adopts the name Portuguese Association of Astrology, with address in Avenida da Republica - 1226 - 6º front - 4430-192 Vila Nova de Gaia

2 - The association has a number of legal person NIPC P510 194 494


Article 2

The associations's purpose:
In pursuing its objectives, the association aims to promote the quality and credibility of astrologers from across the country.


Article 3

The revenues from the association , namely:

1- The jewel initial paid by the partners;

2- The product of the contributions established by the general assembly;

3- Income from the assets of the association and revenues from social activities;

4- Donations accepted by the association;

5- The subsidies allocated to it;


Article 4

1- Are organs of the association the General Assembly, the Direction, and the Audit Committee.

2- The mandate of the social organs holders is for 4 years, after de election of the new social organs (28/03/2014).


Article 5

1- The General Assembly consists of all members in good staning of their rights.

2- The competence of the general assembly and the manner of its operation are laid down in the Civil Code, in particular Article 170 and Articles 172 to 179.

3- The board of the General Assembly is composed of three members, a president and two secretaries, competing them conduct the meetings of the assembly and write the report.


Article 6


1- The Direction, elected at the general assembly, is composed of three members.

2- The Direction is responsible for the social, administrative and financial management of the association, and represent the association in court and out of it.

3- The association is obligated with the intervention of the three members of the association.


Article 7

Audit Committee

1- The Audit Committee, elected at the general meeting, is composed by two members.

2- The Audit Committee is responsible to supervise the actions of the administrative and financial management, monitoring their accounts and reports, and reporting the acts that entail increased costs or decreased revenues.

3- The shape of its functioning is established in Article 171 of the Civil Code.


Article 8

Admission and Exclusion
The conditions of admission and exclusion of members, their categories, rights and obligations, shall be included in regulations to be approved by the general assembly. Accomplished this Internal Regulation and approved at the General Assembly (30/04/2013), being available to consulting in the headquarters of ASPAS.


Article 9

Extinction. Destination of the goods

Extinguished the association, the destination of the goods that integrate the social heritage, which are not affected to a specific end, and that have not been donated or left with some charge, will be object of deliberation of the members.