After a short summary of the history of astrology , we can divide the same in Traditional and Contemporary . Thus, Contemporary Astrology is consummated cutouts , lacking cohesion of rules and principles , since there integrates many of the concepts and principles of Traditional practice .
More forward include systems and techniques within this analysis , the approach astrological Traditional and Contemporary .
In order to understand better generalize how to interpret an astrological chart , to assign the positions of its components , a process not astronomical , as well as the characteristics , trends and facts of the particular individual in the study of his life .
Employing principles constituted following the astrological alphabet and their analogies , it becomes possible to read these fractions symbolic diagrams , when considering correlations with events or situations known or occurred , analyzing the layout of the planets and the Ascendant ( Asc ) for different signs considering the quadruplicities ( Cardinal , Fixed and Mutable ) and triplicities ( Fire, Air , Water and Earth) .
Especially important in astrological reading are also the positions of the planets in the houses , the astrological houses these planets rule the house and sign where the ruler of Asc , which planets are in houses that Asc and governing the different particular meanings the planets and their aspects .
Various forms are used based on these supports, which are used in different traditions.
We emphasize the development in sky observation of other types of calendars to measure changes in the climate throughout the year .
The primary function of these calendars will always be to predict cyclical events of which human survival depends . This empirical knowledge was the basis of ratings of various celestial bodies .
The first constellation of ideas emerged that need to accompany the movement . Thus , we highlight the astrological traditions that follow this type of analysis .
Western astrology
Vedic Astrology or Jyotish
Kabbalistic astrology
Also, in general , these include proprietary traditions / astrological different branches , including:
Natal Astrology : birth chart of the study and its consequences ;
Horary Astrology : examines a map made for the moment the question is formulated ;
Astrology elective : determining the best time to undertake something ;
Astrology World : correlation between historical events and aspects between planets slow ;
Astrology agriculture : the use of the position of the planets in agricultural practices
Medical Astrology : identifies organs and / or areas of the body most prone to disease , allowing , where they exist , to evaluate their progress .
Psychological Astrology : developed by the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung , a contemporary of Rudhyar , bringing an access method to the human mind to recognize the primordial psychic forces , defining and using archetypes , looking after them understand how the manifest today in the lives of individuals.
Karmic Astrology : as the origin of the word , and in Sanskrit karma equals action after action comes a reaction . This branch of astrology uses the interpretation to the analysis of those shares , and can be seen on the map in this life , or if we intend to deepen the analysis , we set by another more specific area - past lives or genetic inheritances .
Astrology business : responsible for business analysis related to the economy in general , considering, for example , the right time to start a business .
Astrology and behavioral methods : Marc Edmund Jones model where it is possible to determine seven personality types only by the provision of the planets in the chart , even before we get into details about what these planets are .
Astrocartografia : studying the relationship of people with different points of the planet from the projection on the surface of the Earth Sky birth. Helps in deciding the most appropriate places to live , invest and reveal our best potential .
Astrology mythological : a tool to explore personal myths and integrate the archetypes of the gods in horoscopes .
Esoteric Astrology : the development of consciousness, and the Integration of Personality with Soul through Astrological .
Within Astrology highlight the Tropical and Sidereal . While Western astrology almost exclusively use the tropical zodiac (correlation of the seasons , with the individual's life on earth ) , Hindu astrology uses the sidereal zodiac , which is the closest to the astronomical position of the stars in the sky , but applying a way of dividing the sky similar to Tropical .
Article written by Isabel Guimarães