The Portuguese Association of Astrology (ASPAS), created on 22 December 2011, inaugurated on 24 March 2012, arise with the objective of attribute credibility to the activity of astrology in our country. Provide a public service, gathering Astrologers, Astrology students and interested in general in order to stimulate the exchange of information and diffusion of Astrology in Portugal.


So we invite all who fit this profile, to be part of this association, thus contributing to the achievement of the following objectives:

1) Contribute to a greater definition of Astrology and its role in the world today, ensuring her quality and ethical own;

2) Contribute to a definition of the role of the astrologer as a counselor, teacher and researcher;

3) Promote the education in Astrology through:

    a) Diffusion and clarification to the general public;

   b) Encourage the creation in the Astrology schools of structured courses and certificates recognized nationally and internationally;

    c) Conduct a survey of existing astrological schools and groups, promoting the exchange and respect between the various lines of approach to astrology;

   d) Promoting the recognition of Portuguese schools in international astrological community, creating linkages and exchanges with foreign countries;

   e) Conducting activities specifically directed to astrologers, such as plenary sessions, conferences, Webinars, information sessions, courses and conferences;

4) Create centers of research directed at specific areas of astrology;

5) Organizing astrological databases of national and international thematic;

6) Promote exchanges with other branches of knowledge such as, Cosmology, Psychology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics.

7) Search for the official recognition of astrology as a branch of knowledge integrated in the social and human sciences.


ASPAS is a non-profit entity, therefore:


1. ASPAS not publish books:

Only a publisher can publish books. ASPAS releases.


2. What does ASPAS:

  • Organizes Circuits (which are events for the diffusion of Astrology to the general public) with the partners support;
  • Directs and organizes research projects and investigation;
  • ASPAS's National and International Meetings;
  • Publishes the work of members;
  • Creates exchange with astrologers who want to participate with their precious professional career work, with the partners support;
  • Promote, through the partners, the exchange of its members, in the action of their activity;
  • Enables a space for sharing knowledge;
  • Publishes, trimester, the 4 Seasons Astrological Journal, with the participation of their members;
  • Support initiatives of their members as, for example, the creation of the 4 Seasons Astrological Calendar of Ephemeris.


3. Partners/Sponsorships


Following the restructuring of the ASPAS, since beginning of 2014, it was decided on General Assembly, 28/03/2014, when the election of the new social organs, the new protocol of Partners and Sponsorships, which aims at the following:


Partnership agreement, with Institutions, Spaces, Schools and Centers of Astrology, and in its strands;

Through this Partnership agreement, we may reach to a higher number of people and clarify the general public of what it is Astrology;

  • We may incentive our members to intervene, according with the geographical area where is our partner, and promote their intervention;
  • We may create special conditions to all interested in realize the professional formation in Astrology, when they register as a student member;
  • We only do Partnerships with Institutions/Centers/Spaces/Schools of Astrology, where we may present the formation, and where the ASPAS can physically move to promote their events, and the practice in the professional performance of their members.
  • All the spaces which pretend to do Partnership with  ASPAS, but don't creates physical space for the dislocation of their members and/or group of people, so to promote the study, research and investigation in Astrology, we won't do, as well as we won't do Partnerships with spaces which only pretend promoting their own services, and not put the spaces to disposition of the ASPAS.

3.1 Sponsorships

At the same time, and because we are a non-profit organization, we want that the quality of our service can be at the service of our members, and for the diffusion of their performance in the professional activity.


The ASPAS creates protocols with the sponsorships in services that interested to this association.


In this services, we want the quality of our website, graphics, media, translations of texts, and other services of interest for the association.


In the realization of events we are open to proposals which include support to services that ASPAS may necessitate when is acting, thus creating a price list which may request to ASPAS, so you can contribute to the organization and may thus have your space disclosed in our events.


Meet the partners and sponsors ASPAS here, on our website, at PARTNERSHIPS.


The quality of Astrology in the Portuguese language is a priority to ASPAS because we believe that the future of Astrology is to form new astrologers, known the quality of our members when they act professionally, even when crossing the frontiers of our space.