The Portuguese Association of Astrology created this library, thinking of the student support of astrology, and interested professionals, recommending books that presented by different sections.
Divide the disclosure:
Classic Books, which address the traditional astrology and the beginning of the publication of astrological books.
Modern books, a modern view, however based on traditional astrology.
Books Specialties, where astrology plays a big role in research and development.
The Latest releases literary, looking to update the books launched in the market recently.
"This dictionary, you will find extensive information on Astrology - that story that so many people it serves without really knowing what it's for!. But you will also find many opportunities to smile."
Rights and property Vitorino de Sousa, yielding to ASPAS publication.
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We appreciate the support of our astrological counselors and this whole team of which we are part.
We hope this section, be an engine helps in finding astrological knowledge.
Our thanks.
Together we make a difference!