What is a reading my horoscope ?
A reading of your birth chart is an interactive process or conversation between the astrologer and the client . The astrologer helps customers seize opportunities and time to deal with the anguish , or understand and solve personal problems .
The process uses the astrologer astrological knowledge , life experience , and communication skills , and is why finding the right person is important. She must be someone whose life experiences you will have given enough wisdom to be able to offer you a new awareness for your own life , along with details observed in the natal chart .
Be sure to share your problems or doubts openly , once established trust with the astrologer . An astrologer is not necessarily a psychologist ( although some may be ) , and certain details of his life for exploration will serve your highest good .
What about astrological predictions ? Is life meant completely ?
Astrologically speaking, we are what we are , from the moment of birth. However , we are free to fulfill our potential or fail to live up to it . Likewise, planetary cycles are bound . The ups and downs of life are predictable . However , the way we interact during each cycle defines the circumstances that we find next .
We are free to deal with problems or go with them to take advantage of opportunities or let them pass . The choices we make are ours.
Astrology is a superstition ? Or is it a belief system or a religion ?
Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years . In ancient times , astronomy and astrology went hand in hand and they were one, and were part of the learning curriculum . Astrology and astronomy were separated during the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century .
Astrology is not a belief system of any kind . Astrology is based on the movement of the planets and how they relate to people . Application of astrology is similar to psychology and economics. Astrology is as psychology in that identifies personality traits and behavioral traits . It's like the economy in that it makes predictions of future conditions in a changing world , where no set of circumstances is always repeated exactly the same way .
People do not have blind faith in astrology . A chart interpreted accurately , based on the date , time and place of birth need a person describes their nature , talents and skills , relationships , family history , career, money , fitness and recurring problems . The current planetary cycles describe what is acontecerr in a person's life , both the challenges and the opportunities . Astrology works or not . Nobody needs to believe blindly.
On the other hand , many references to astrology are found in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible . The wise men followed the star that announced the birth of Christ were astrologers . The four faces in Ezekiel's vision were the lion , man , ox and eagle, representing the signs of Leo, Aquarius , Taurus and Scorpio .
Maps of astrology only works for people ?
In fact , we astrologers elaborate graphics for virtually everything .
Maps of mundane astrology cities , states , and countries based on their foundation or incorporation . For many countries with a long history more than one graph is considered .
Maps of financial astrology for companies based on their opening date or merger, and based on any business merger or the date of your first transaction in the stock market .
There are several specialties ?
The pillar of Astrology is based primarily on the study of Traditional Astrology , followed by Contemporary Astrology , can follow the various aspects where we can find ;
Karmic Astrology
astrology Psicologica
astrology Business
Horary Astrology
Medical Astrology
astrology World
Sidereal Astrology
Vocational astrology