The Counselor of the Direction is a meritorious member which aims to assist the Direction of the ASPAS. The internal organization of the Counsel can be freely decided by the Direction during the period of its mandate, either in their acceptance or in its termination.


Luiza Azancot – Member nº 15


Born June 15, 1950 .

1986 - MBA in International Management from the University of Rhode Island, USA

2008 - Professional Astrologer's Degree of the International Academy of Astrology, Virgina, USA.

2008 - Astrological Consulting Skills Course, ISAR, Denver, USA

2009 - Professional Consulting Astrologer - Level IV NCGR - PAA, USA

2011 - Course in Tarot de Marseille, Accademia dei Tarocchi, Rome, Italy




João Medeiros – Member nº 19


Born August 27, 1975 , in Lisbon .

Base formation in mathematics, graduating in Economy from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1998 with distinction.


In 2003, after having complemented his esoteric studies at the Academy of Astrological Studies, devoted himself full time to the astrological activity, covering professional consulting and training.


In 2004, he published the book Ocean Rising - Astrological Cycles of Portugal (Parchment Publisher), an innovative and multidisciplinary work. In 2006, he began teaching Astrology in Portuguese University - Higher Institute of Labor Science and Business (ISCTE) - with his independent course. In 2007 created the CEIA - Research Center and Innovation in Astrology.


His studies include in profundity diverse branches and approaches to this field, in particular, Psychological Astrology, Medieval, Esoteric, Horary and Mundane, following de traditional sources and also de thought of Dane Rudhyar, his main reference in this field.


Luis Resina – Member  nº 22


Born 16th October 1954 .

Since 1975 he dedicated to the study of symbolism, the stories of religion and the so called Hermetic Sciences. Attended the Course of Philosophy of the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon, when he began to devote himself to the astrological practice.


His astrological studies were initiated through a short course sponsored by the Rosicrucian Center of Lisbon, in 1978. Since then he has been developing work and research in the fields of Traditional Astrology, Humanistic, Transpersonal and Jungian.


Collaborated in newspapers, magazines, radio programs and, for some years, he´s professor and lecturer on topics related to Astrology and New Age.